personal training & CrossFit

You may be looking for the answer to 2 questions.

1. What is CrossFit?

2. How much does it cost?


The simple explanation of CrossFit is varied exercises and varied workouts each week in order to provide you with a level of fitness that changes your life and your health including stress, strength, blood pressure, endurance, and much more.

You will not find any prices on our website. Before you click off our site to look for one that has prices please allow us to explain. We don't have any prices on our site because they wouldn't do you any good. You can't understand what you are buying from a website.  We would very much like the opportunity to explain to you in person and show you what it is you are coming to us for.  

Where our gym differs from others is we don't take everyone. We only take the clients that we believe really want to commit to feeling better. We can introduce you to 200 personal clients that have reaped the benefits of our trainers. You are welcome to speak with any of them. 


We do not believe in throwing a person into a group class such as CrossFit is the best approach. That would be like picking up a musical instrument that you have never played before and just joining a band. It makes more sense to take lessons first. 

At CrossFit New Windsor we introduce our new clients to CrossFit by pairing them with ONE coach and teaching them our warm ups, flexibility, techniques, weights, progressions, modifications, and workouts in 1 hour personal training sessions completed 3x per week. PT sessions can be scheduled any time you choose with your trainer. Our clients develop safe habits and see high levels of results during these sessions.