personal training & CrossFit

You may be looking for the answer to 2 questions.

1. When are classes?

2. How much does it cost?

You will not find the answer to those questions on this site. Anyone can pay $10 a month for a gym or show up to a class and sweat a little bit. We don't have any prices on our site because you won't understand what you are purchasing by reading it.  You need to experience least just once.


We are a personal training gym.  We provide you with personal results first and only then do we send you to group classes if that is what you are interested in. Our best example is you wouldn't just pick up a musical instrument and go join a band. You would take lessons first, become proficient with that instrument, learn how to read the music, and then join the band. 

Where our gym differs from others is we don't take everyone. We only take the clients that we believe really want to commit their time to what they told us they wanted. We can introduce you to hundreds of personal clients that over the last 9 years have reaped the benefits of our trainers. You are welcome to speak with any of them or check out our reviews here. Talk to a coach to find out more about taking action on your quality of life.