1. Active Life & Personal Training

This program is designed to rehabilitate injuries and get you out of pain while still being able to workout. The workouts are designed around your life and what you want to be able to do. This is the ultimate quality of life program. Think of it as half physical therapy half strength and conditioning. Sessions start at $40 and varies based on length and amount of sessions purchased. Talk with a coach about how you can start living your best life today. 


2. CrossFit

CrossFit is a full body strength and conditioning program that incorporates weightlifting, body weight, and endurance. There are many exercises to learn and therefore we start everyone with 6 weeks of personal training to introduce you to CrossFit. The best analogy is if you wanted to learn to play a musical instrument and join a band you would have to take lessons first so you could read the music and learn to play the instrument. Membership for CrossFit is $200/month for unlimited classes or $160/month for 3x per week after you complete personal training. For personal training rates please schedule to talk with a coach.

3. Boot Camp

Boot Camp is how we got our start. We would meet at local tracks and parks with 20-30 people and put in some work. Boot Camp is also a full body workout but the focus is more on cardio, body weight, and light weights.  Currently our boot camp meets off site in 4 locations (Newburgh, Washingtonville, Goshen, & Valley Central. There is no personal training pre-requisite. Classes are $20 and are pay as you go. Click this link to see locations and to sign up. https://linktr.ee/crossfitnewwindsor

4. BURN Workout

BURN is an all cardio and core workout. It utilizes running, rowing, stationary biking, stationary skiing, and various core movements. BURN works great at keeping things simple while making you sweat and burn calories. New members must complete 1 personal training session before attending BURN workouts. Classes are $20 and are pay as you go. Talk with a coach for the personal training rate and to start BURNING today. 

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