aerial silks


Aerial Fabric Training can provide an effective style of cross training for any athlete or can be a new way to achieve specific body goals while learning a new and challenging technique.


The apparatus is suspended from the ceiling mounted by a single swivel point. The fabric allows clients to tap into suspended bodyweight training as well as antigravity stretching techniques. The results of incorporating aerial into your weekly training will help in injury prevention by tapping into passive and active stretches you may not be able to achieve without the benefits of suspension depending on flexibility limitations. Controlled gymnastics and Pilates based movements allow people to understand their bodies more; strengthening core stabilization and proper body alignment for all types of seasoned athletes to beginner aerialists alike.

  • Tuesday 8:30 AM, Thursday 8:30 AM, Saturday 11:00 AM

  • Drop In Class - $40

  • 4 Classes per month - $80

  • 8 Classes per month - $120

  • 12 Classes per month - $160

  • Personal Training - $110/one hour session